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A Farmer Organization working on behalf of Turkish Agriculture and farmer; Önder Farmer Project
In 1987, German Agricultural Union and the Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers started carrying out their activities in cooperation with each other through a project realized between the Turkish and German Governments so as to determine the problems in Turkish agriculture, eliminate such problems and help our farmers to obtain the value they deserve
The purpose here is to inform the producer- farmers about innovative knowledge through agriculture engineer consultants working under the management team completely consisting of farmers and thus, eliminate loss of productivity and income of the farmers and provide transformation and development in social terms as well…
Agriculture engineers working under the associations established for that purpose transfer the latest information and technologies to the farmers as the members of their associations, enable the farmers to get more income and thus, become the pioneer of social developments as a result of long years.
Önder Farmer Project is growing along with the demands formed in the course of time…
Önder Tohumculuk A.Ş. was established under the leadership of farmers in 1989 with the purpose of meeting the needs of its members for seeds and currently, Önder is providing its members over 650 with Wheat, Barley, Vicia pannonica Crantz and similar seeds.
S.S. Önder Farmer Production and Marketing Cooperative was established in 1999 with the purpose of eliminating the problem of marketing regarding sales of the products produced by the members and providing cheap inputs. This cooperative is the first organization which has been carrying out studies in order that Canola and Safflower on which stress is laid by the Ministry of Agriculture can become widespread in Turkey. As a result of the studies and efforts for making this plant widespread, today, Canola is produced on the lands over 250.000 decare in Turkey and 70% of such production is being carried out under the leadership of Önder Farmer.
Önder Farmers who are aware of the fact that the efforts of the Farmers should not be wasted due to natural disasters, established Önder Çiftçi Sigorta ve Aracılık Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi in 2006. This Limited Company is providing information regarding the importance of Agricultural insurances and on the other hand, it is still rendering services regarding this issue.
Sarı Çiçek Tarım Ürünleri A.Ş. was established in 2008 as a farmer organization in free market conditions with the purpose of having a voice in balancing the product prices formed in the market in favor of farmers and assuming a more effective role in this field. Today, it is continuing its activities in order to enable the labor and the works of farmers to return to such farmers more valuably by following the prices formed in Turkey
DLG Fair Organization, Partnership of Two Farmer Organizations;
DLG Fair Organization aiming at being the address of change and innovation in Agricultural fair organization by assuming a different attitude to fair organization in Turkey was established in 2009 by combining skill and power of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and Önder Farmer Project (ÖÇP) .
Turkey’s first applied open-air agricultural exhibition, DLG-ÖÇP Agriculture and Technology Days took place in Karaevli village of Tekirdag between the dates of May 27th and 30th 2010 with 99 participant firms, 26.243 visitors on 250.000 m2 square.
DLG-ÖÇP Field Days 2011 as our second fair organization took place between the dates of May 5th and 8th with 123 participant firms and visitors over 27.500 on 332.000 m2 in Seyhan-Adana.
DLG-ÖÇP Field Days 2012 is in Bursa Agriculture Vocational High School …
DLG-ÖÇP Fields Days 2012, applied open-air agriculture fair organization jointly organized by two Farmer Organizations shall take place on 220.000 m2 square belonging to Bursa Agriculture Vocational High School between the dates of June 7th and 10th 2012. Our fair organization where many domestic and foreign visitors and participants shall take part shall meet its visitors in Bursa Agriculture Vocational High School established in 1891.
Being in this school which has a historic place and important value regarding agriculture as the location for fair organization has specially excited us as a farmer organization. When the agriculture friends who shall visit our fair organization see this beautiful place, we guess that they will certainly share the same excitement with us. There is no doubt that this building which was constructed in 1891 needs a little repair and restoration. However, Önder Farmer Project promises to modernize an appropriate department inside the school building for the sake of respecting history and agriculture. We believe that participant firms in this fair organization as the friends of agriculture will pull their own weight regarding this matter.
Field Days Fair consists of 3 different sections: Field Trial Areas, Machine Exhibition Areas and Campus Grass Field.

Field Trial Areas:
These areas where seed, drug and fertilizer firms will be introduced to the visitors for evaluation accompanied by reference parcels through trial plants and different applications will create a different experience for both participants and visitors.

Machine Exhibition Areas:
That producing firms of agriculture machine and equipment will exhibit their products on the grass fields and introduce usage of machines and equipment to the visitors in machine demonstration areas arranged according to their fields in certain periods of the day and in an applied manner is the most important element which may affect farmers and professionals in the process of making decision.

Campus Grass Field:
Other firms which will not carry out trial plant and do not have any product to demonstrate but acting in agricultural field will exhibit their products and services on the grass field.
Önder Farmer Project which was established in 1987 will turn to its 25th year in 2012. With this enthusiasm, these activities we have carried out for Turkish Agriculture and our Farmers will increasingly continue
We invite everybody full of enthusiasm for agriculture to our fair organization DLG-ÖÇG Field Days to be organized in Bursa Agriculture Vocational High School between the dates of June 7th and 10th 2012. DLG Fair Organization & Önder Farmer Project

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